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I am collecting information from schools that offer Piano Performance & Collaborative Piano Programs in alphabetical order. I hope this can be helpful for students who would like to study in colleges and universities throughout the United States. I am especially passionate about helping students from Taiwan, my home country, with finding schools that are the perfect fit for graduate study. I also hope this information will be helpful for young pianists who would like to pursue Collaborative Piano degrees in the United States. As someone with great passion for the Collaborative Arts, I believe experiences of excellent collaboration inspire musicality. It is very important to recognise the value and expertise of the Arts of Collaboration.

Looking back on the application and audition process myself, I wish there had been an easier way to navigate the process. With the large amount of time spent preparing for auditions and studying for Tofel, the english test required to be taken by international students, there is little time to devote to researching schools and completing lengthy applications. As someone who has completed multiple graduate degrees in the United States, I truly believe this is a great environment for developing musicians. With this resource I aim to encourage more international students to consider pursuing degrees in the United State as well as experiencing diverse perspectives of music and life.



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