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T e a c h i n g  P h i l o s o p h y 

​Music is alive and very personal. It varies with each individual. Therefore, I value its individuality very much. The process of how we digest music into our own is very important and unique, requiring flexibility of instruction. Recognizing the different abilities and potential of each individual aids in efficient learning. My goal is to be flexible and attentive in order to achieve the greatest results


  • Flexible and attentive teaching –

Music is essentially another form of language. I expect each of my students to develop their own way of communicating through music. That requires my attentive listening, paying special attention to each student’s needs and desires. Each individual has their own strengths and potential. I see this as the ultimate mission as a teacher, to teach each students as an individual and to provide the proper adjustments and instructions based on the nature of each. This is a catalyst for efficiently reaching desired results.


  • Persistence and Patience –

In art, there are no “immediate results”. Progress will show when students are put on the right track, one that requires continuous hard work and dedication. The practice session needs to have structural characteristics reinforced by solid discipline. Students should not shy away from mistakes, but instead used them as moments of growth. By going through the progression of learning music, students will be able to apply this learning experience to the rest of their life. Ultimately, students learn how to overcome challenges and experience the joy of success.

  • As  inspiring and encouraging –

Being an inspiration for students through creativity and encouragement rather than through fear is extremely important to me. I strive to create a positive and safe environment. This can also nurture their creativity and their desire to explore more. Focus should be put on quality and not quantity because the standard and principle cannot be adjusted. However, the approach can be varied with each individual. For example, the timeline of completion can be shortened or extended to meet the needs of each individual.

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